Whether you are a teenage girl or a woman in her fifties, everyone wants and has a right to look their best. But what’s that crucial part besides the genes? Lipstick! It is a universal cosmetic because, like the eyes, the mouth is a prominent feature, giving appealing colors and textures. Before you buy lipstick online, only items that complement your skin tone and are within your price range should be selected.

GuruApp is one of the best platforms for your lipstick and other makeup needs. You can find many products on the platform catering to every budget. To nail a natural makeup look and to add the finishing touch to your overall look for the day, the right shade of lipstick is essential.

Many brands are available for lipsticks, and these brands have introduced a wide range of shades, lipstick kits, and combos. If you are a lipstick lover or a hoarder, this article will be enough guidance for you to spend money on the brands that are worth spending on. Here is the roundup of 5 lipstick brands you might end up adoring.

Top Lipstick Brands in Pakistan To Buy lipstick Online

1. MAC

Mac is known not only as a “cult favorite” but also as one of the most popular lipstick brands worldwide. One of the most well-known lipsticks from MAC is the Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo. It complements all skin tones and is incredibly long-lasting because it is one of the brightest reds available in lipstick. It also offers one of the largest collections of liquid lipstick in Pakistan. Speaking of liquid lipstick in Pakistan, GuruApp houses the largest collection of liquid lipsticks in Pakistan.


The majority of Pakistani women own at least one Medora lipstick. Medora is an affordable brand that isn’t associated with luxury goods. The colors in Medora lipsticks are gorgeously vivid and sharp. There are many different lipstick colors available. Although the lipsticks at Medora are very inexpensive but are preferred by many women and regarded as safe, you can find nearly every color there. Besides lipstick, Medora is a one-stop shop for all your makeup needs.


Pakistani cosmetics company Rivaj Cosmetics provides a variety of products for women. One of the brand’s most well-liked products in various shades is Rivaj lipstick. Lipsticks from Rivaj are renowned for their superior quality and vibrant color. The lipsticks also contain Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, which support the maintenance of healthy, hydrated lips. The shades of Rivaj lipsticks range from neutral tones to vibrant pinks and reds.

4. NYX

If you want to make your lips feel super soft, this NYX lipstick is one of the best brands to try. They sell lipsticks that make your lips look luscious in a good way. Each sultry shade of NYX lipstick will coat the contours of your lips with irresistibly creamy colors. It is among the favorite brands of younger women in Pakistan, especially those in their teenage years and twenties. That does not mean that the brand does not cater to older women.


It is probably the most famous brand in the world. There is no doubt that it made its way to this list. Maybelline is valued at around $18 Billion and can be found in every country worldwide. Its lipsticks are loved by all and have several different shades from which its customers can choose. If you want to buy liquid lipstick in Pakistan, we recommend checking out Maybelline products.

The most popular lipstick Maybelline has to offer is color sensational. Additionally, Maybelline provides some of the top long-lasting, transfer-free lipsticks. The Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte remains on your lips without fading or staining. It doesn’t smear or spread to other surfaces; it remains on your lips. The competition cannot match the formula and texture that Maybelline lipsticks provide.

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In a nutshell, no matter how many lipstick brands there are, we advise you to try the brands mentioned earlier if you’re looking for a new lipstick line that is reasonably priced, pigmented, and offered in various shades. Your skin tone and lip quality should be taken into account when choosing the best lipstick or the best lipstick shades.