Why Support Cruelty-free Skincare Brands

the technological advancements, animal testing is still a problem in our world
today. Millions of animals are being used for animal testing across the globe
annually. There is no excuse for companies to engage in animal testing. This
animal testing can include administering products, burning skin, or inhaling
toxic substances that might negatively impact the animal’s health, leaving them
infected, traumatized, or even dead.

Why do
these companies engage in animal testing? To test the safety of drugs and
products before putting them out on the market for human use or consumption. But
is it right?

show support against animal cruelty, boycott companies that test their products
on animals. One way to do this is by switching to cruelty-free products.

are the top reasons you should ditch all cruel skincare products for better
animal-friendly alternatives.

1. Animal Testing is Cruel

that test their products on animals have deliberately chosen to be cruel.
Hurting animals to test the efficacy of a product is a barbaric act. After
completing the test, these animals are tortured, left in pain, and killed at
the end. The animals are kept in confined spaces in inhumane conditions for
those who survive the test. No animal deserves to be treated in such a manner.

2. Cruelty-Free Skincare Are Less Toxic

skin care products offer tremendous benefits for your skin. They are less toxic
for your skin. Conventional skin care products contain toxic substances that
may likely damage your skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so whatever
affects your skin negatively will ultimately affect your general well being.
When you switch to cruelty-free beauty products, you are guaranteed products
that contain natural ingredients that are beneficial to your skin health.

3. Create Change

ditching companies that test their products on animals and switching to cruelty-free
alternatives instead, you are sending a strong message that animal testing is a
horrific act. When many people take this stance, companies will rethink and
make cruelty-free a standard practice in their organization. You have the power
to make a difference. Make the smart choice today.

4. Lots of Safe Skincare Ingredients to
Choose From

One of
the reasons companies test products on animals is to ascertain if the product
or item is safe for use by humans before releasing into the market. Thankfully,
there are thousands of skincare ingredients that have been proven to be safe
for human use. But most companies would instead opt for harsh chemicals and
ingredients for their selfish interest in making more profit. So for every
cruel product you use, you are potentially lining the pockets of these brands to
the detriment of your own health.

5. Affordable

cruelty-free skincare brands are affordable. Many brands do not test their
products on animals, so shopping from them has two benefits: you are saving
animals from the cruel acts of humanity and saving money.

If a
skincare company disregards the health and welfare of innocent animals, then the
odds are high that they are not interested in your skin’s health either. Save
the animals and protect your skin by supporting a cruelty-free brand.

24th Aug 2022 Beauty Makeup Supply Blogger