EPA Looks To Revise Cosmetics Rules

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is seeking
views on updating the rules for certain ingredients found in
cosmetic products.

The proposal is for a number of
changes to the existing rules to align with developments in
the European Union (EU) and further protect

Among the EPA’s proposed changes is a
requirement for products that are not classed as hazardous
substances, but which include a hazardous ingredient, to
comply with the existing rules.

“This will make it
easier to enforce rules for banned and restricted
ingredients that may be in cosmetic products,” says Dr Shaun
Presow, Hazardous Substances Reassessments

“We’re committed to keeping cosmetics rules
up to date and these changes will continue to help protect
New Zealanders and our environment.”

The EPA is also
proposing to ban the use of all PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and
polyfluoroalkyl substances), also known as forever
chemicals, in cosmetic products from 31 December

PFAS are sometimes used as ingredients in
products such as nail polish, shaving cream, foundation,
lipstick, and mascara. They are used to condition and smooth
the skin, making it appear shiny, or to improve product

“PFAS are not essential ingredients in
cosmetics, and international research suggests that
they’re only found in a small number of products. But
these chemicals don’t easily break down and may build up
in our bodies,” says Dr Presow.

“What we are proposing
is a precaution and, if accepted, would make New Zealand one
of the first countries in the world to take this

The state of California in the USA was the
first major jurisdiction to ban all PFAS in cosmetics in
September 2022. This ban will take effect from 1 January

The EU is also considering a wide-ranging ban on
PFAS in all non-essential products, including

This public consultation enables the wider
public and those in relevant industries to provide
additional information and feedback on the proposed rule
changes for cosmetic products.

Submitters can provide
information, make comments, and raise issues to contribute
to the EPA decision-making process.

Submissions close
at 5.00 pm on 31 May 2023.

details of proposed changes to cosmetic products

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