‘Get Woke, Go Broke’: Cosmetics Brand Receives Backlash After Featuring Bearded Man in Ad

NYX Professional Makeup received backlash after featuring a bearded man in its recent ad.

On Sunday, the cosmetics brand posted a photo of a man wearing one of its Smooth Whip lip creams on its official Instagram page.

“@itsmechrxs making us whip out our Smooth Whip in Pom Pom REAL quick,” the company wrote in the caption.

After posting the photo, NYX Cosmetics received backlash on its various social media platforms.

“Feminist: Women are just as good as men Also Feminist: Men are women too,” one Instagram user wrote with a laughing emoji.


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On the company’s official Facebook page, one person commented, “This makes me want to not buy your products anymore.”

Users on Twitter also called the company out for going “woke,” including Sara Gonzales, the host of “The News” and “Why It Matters” on BlazeTV.

“NYX Cosmetics used a bearded man to advertise their lipstick and women are pissed. Get woke, go broke,” she wrote.

Gonzales also promoted her own cosmetics brand called American Beauty that “celebrates real womanhood.”

Another woman replied, “I buy some of their products, but they just lost a customer (aka someone who pays for their product, not a “spokesman” who got it for free). Guess they don’t mind revenue loss.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “These [people] really hate woman [sic],” in reference to the company.

Another user shared they “protested this in the past” but were told by women that it was “mean.”

“In an effort to be inclusive and not hated, women have allowed this to too happen for too long and now it’s too late. Men have taken over their spaces and now they cry fowl. I look back at all the times I’ve been told by women to no be mean when ive protested this in the past,” the user explained.

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