Top 6 Hair Salons In Dubai You Didn’t Know About

Top 6 Hair Salons In Dubai You Didn't Know About

Your hairstyle is what differentiates you from looking stunningly beautiful to average. There are so many hair salons in Dubai where you can get a haircut. However, you never really know what to expect from these hair salons since most of them are not properly trained or have adequate knowledge, meaning there is a high risk of them ruining your hair.

It is a nightmare for every person!

You never know what sort of cut you will get when you walk into a salon. It is extremely important to know about the best hair salon in Dubai where the staff is properly trained and know what they are doing. In this article, we will tell you about the top 6 hair salons in Dubai which will never disappoint you and exceed your expectations.


1. Rami Jabali

If you are seeking the best hair salon in Dubai, then there is no better hair salon than Rami Jabali. Having an experience of more than 20 years, when you visit this salon, all your worries will go away. You will instantly get positive vibes and a feeling of being well looked after. The staff is quite friendly, and Rami is always available to help you if required. When you walk out of the salon, you’ll be 100% satisfied with their top-notch service and look perfect with your new hairstyle.

2. José Eber Laloge

José Eber Laloge is a luxurious salon for both men and women which offers lavish services like 24k gold and diamond facials and caviar hair treatments. It also provides manicures, pedicures, and hair-cutting services from a team of highly skilled professionals. For females seeking privacy, there is a special VIP room for them to enjoy the treatment in peace and away from others. The team has knowledge and expertise in modern styling techniques, and they’ll make you look so beautiful and lavish. It is why this salon has various celebrities who are its clients.

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3. N&J by Samer

It can be difficult to find a good hair salon in Dubai. However, you can count on N&J by Samer Naim. Having a vast 14 years of experience, Samer knows what sort of hair styling and treatment your hair needs. His guidance will make your hair look fantastic, much better than what you had in mind. So, sit back and let Samer take care of your hair with his superior knowledge and professionalism. N&J has a highly professional and trained staff who will do everything to make you look perfect.


Recognized globally for their professionalism and hair styling, Toni & Guy is a must-visit hair salon in Dubai. This salon has great staff who have lots of experience and will surely make you leave satisfied and give you great value for your money. Not only Toni & Guy has the best staff, but it also has the newest hair equipment, which they use to make your hair look insane. It is one of the best hair salons for females in Dubai and has various branches in Dubai.

5. Locks By Lou Lou

If you are searching for a boutique-style salon in Dubai, then there is no better option than Locks By Lou Lou. with its comfortable and elegant salon, the moment you enter it, you will feel right at home and in good hands. You name it, Locks offers every type of service and is a one-stop place where you can get everything done under a single roof and with high satisfaction. If you aren’t sure about which hairstyle you want, just go and ask for Lou; she will be more than happy to guide you and even get you ready.

6. Maria Dowling

Widely recognized as “Queen of Color” and winning several awards, Maria Dowling is a world-famous hair expert. She owns a hair salon in Dubai and offers top-class services thanks to their globally trained team of professionals who know how to make you look beautiful and classy.

The hair stylists at Maria Dowling salon know what sort of hair would suit you based on your hair color, length, and skin texture. So, if you are not sure about what style to get, go to Maria Dowling salon, where they will fix you up in style. Moreover, if you want any hair treatment such as keratin, you should visit this place since they are also highly experienced in hair treatment.


It concludes our article on the best hair salons in Dubai. One thing that we must mention is that before opting for any service, confirm the latest prices. It can help you avoid issues with the salon. Lastly, always look for discounts. If you want a reasonable and best hair treatment in Dubai, wait until a salon offers a discount. It helps you save money which you can utilize elsewhere.