Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts pack: Mounts, cosmetics, and more

The Hogwarts Express is slowly but surely chugging along on its way to pick up players as Hogwarts Legacy’s release date is nearly here. The magical game offers players a variety of ways to order the game with some unique bonus content for those who decide to purchase the deluxe edition like the Dark Arts pack.

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Hogwarts Legacy has a few different versions of the game available for players to choose from which can make the decision over which one to order difficult. Players unsure whether the Dark Arts pack is for them can consider everything that comes in it and what each asset will allow players to do in the wizarding game.

Everything included in the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts pack

The Dark Arts pack comes with three different assets. These are the Thestral Mount, the Dark Arts cosmetic set, and the Dark Arts battle arena.

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Thestral Mount

In Hogwarts Legacy, players will get to choose from a collection of unique Mounts they can utilize to traverse the vast open world. Mounts allow players to cross ground more quickly and some even allow them to soar through the skies.

The Thestral Mount gives players access to the unique skeleton horse that can only be seen by those who have witnessed a death. In Legacy, the only way to actually ride this creature is through obtaining the Dark Arts pack. The Thestral Mount allows players to traverse the ground more quickly but also lets them take to the sky since this creature also has wings.

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Dark Arts cosmetic set

Players hoping to fully embrace the dark side of the wizarding world can equip a set of dark arts-inspired clothes to truly make their characters look the part.

The outfit that comes in this set is very dark and covered in skulls and animated smoke on the back of the robe. The robe is even animated as the smoke and skulls on the back of the robe will magically move around in the game.

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Dark Arts battle arena

The Dark Arts battle arena is located in the Forbidden Forest right at the edges of Hogwarts grounds. It exists within the playable open world as a location that players can visit to practice their combat.

Battle arenas allow players to experience unique combat challenges that will test their skillset and allow them to improve their abilities. Players will face wave after wave of enemies and will need to work to vanquish them all.

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Two other battle arenas exist in the standard version of Hogwarts Legacy but the Dark Arts pack adds a more sinister option. All three options come with cosmetic options players can work toward unlocking for their characters by successfully vanquishing foes.

The Dark Arts battle arena is a place players can utilize to explore the darker side of the wizarding world to decide if a dark path is one they want their character to embrace. It is essentially a different, darker version of the battle arena system present within the wizarding game.

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Depending on where and how you order the Dark Arts pack and Hogwarts Legacy, there are a few other assets that may come with them.

If you have preordered Hogwarts Legacy then you almost certainly will obtain a few other assets alongside the Dark Arts pack.

  • 72 hours of early access are granted to all players who preordered Hogwarts Legacy on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.
  • If you preorder the game on any platform then you will receive the preorder exclusive Onyx Hippogriff Mount.
  • Players who order the deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy digitally will attain another dark arts-themed asset which is the Garrison Hat.
  • Those who preorder the wizarding game on the PlayStation will obtain the Felix Felicis potion recipe.
  • Any player that purchases Hogwarts Legacy on the PlayStation at any time obtains the Haunted Hogsmeade shop quest.

How to get the Dark Arts pack in Hogwarts Legacy

Ahead of the game’s official launch, players can only obtain the Dark Arts pack by purchasing the deluxe or collector’s edition of Hogwarts Legacy. Once the game has officially launched, players can then purchase the pack separately if they originally purchased the standard edition of the game.