MAC Cosmetics’ Karen Thompson on the brand’s India plans

MAC Cosmetics, originally a Canadian company was founded in 1984 in Toronto. It was later bought by the iconic Estee Lauder Companies in 1988. MAC Cosmetics has been a market leader in global pockets for many years. However, in a country like India where many homegrown brands have really upped their game to capture the rising demand, the competition is tough for legacy brands. To break the clutter, brands are constantly innovating. Many brands are launching new and improved products, catering to specific needs rather than going with a mass strategy. MAC Cosmetics is one such brand.

Karen Thompson, brand general manager, MAC Cosmetics, recently spoke to Storyboard18’s Shibani Gharat about the company’s plans for India and about their new skincare brand Hyper Real. She also talked about MAC Cosmetics’ journey in India, building brand MAC and the new launches they have in store, along with the key trends in the beauty industry.

MAC Cosmetics is also adopting technology to offer its consumers unique buying experiences. The service called ‘Skin Artistry’ will be provided in stores where people will be able to experience the products and physically see how their skin would look when the product is applied.