Major pharmacy chain launches massive closing down sale – cosmetics a just £1

A MAJOR pharmacy chain has launched a huge closing down sale and there are some huge bargains.

Shoppers have spotted the sale at some Lloyds Pharmacy chemists set for closure or changing hands.

It comes as Lloyd's private equity owner launched a strategic review of its entire UK store base which puts all 1,300 chemists at risk


It comes as Lloyd’s private equity owner launched a strategic review of its entire UK store base which puts all 1,300 chemists at riskCredit: Alamy
One shopper bagged £211 worth of cosmetics for just £41


One shopper bagged £211 worth of cosmetics for just £41Credit: Facebook – Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK

A number of the chain’s chemists including those in Harrogate and Glasgow could close their doors in a matter of weeks.

Shoppers have spotted a sale at these stores with discounted branded make-up and other cosmetics costing just £1.

It comes as the owner of Lloyds Pharmacy told The Sun that it had put all of its 1,300 chemist branches at risk of closure.

One shopper at Harrgote’s pharmacy posted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group and said: “Might have already been posted but Check your local Lloyds pharmacy.

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“They are closing down and selling all make up for £1. Suncreams were £2. Lots of other stuff on offer too

“There’s no signs up saying reduced but the staff told me while in there.”

Another shopper who’d visited her local Lloyds Pharmacy on the outskirts of Glasgow in Newton said: “All makeup £1.

“Deodorants and shower gel £1 and hair stuff £2. Spent £41 all in should have been around £211.”

Another shopper said: “I got £264 worth of product for £51. They are selling their expensive creams for £5 too.”

But other shoppers were quick to point out that the sale isn’t on offer in every pharmacy.

Not all Lloyd’s chemists are taking part in the sale as it depends entirely on if your local store has been sold or is in the process of closing down.

The sale is also not available online and store workers are having to “manually override each item” at the tills in the stores participating in the sale.

Sources told The Sun yesterday that its private equity owner had launched a strategic review of its entire UK store base.

The process could lead to a sale of all of its pharmacies or closure, they said.

Lloyds Pharmacy operates around 10% of all UK pharmacies.

Lloyds Pharmacy has already announced the closure of 237 of its pharmacies in Sainsbury’s supermarkets by the end of the year.

It has 17,000 employees across the business and dispenses 150 million prescriptions annually.

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A spokesperson for Lloyds told The Sun: “LloydsPharmacy regularly reviews its pharmacy estate to ensure it is operating sustainably and any decision to sell stores is taken in the interests of patients, colleagues and the business.

“At all times, patient safety remains our top priority ensuring that our customers and patients are always able to access vital prescriptions, health advice, products and services.”