Overwatch World Cup 2023 is letting OW2 players win their own custom in-game cosmetics – Dexerto

Published: 2023-02-02T05:21:05

Updated: 2023-02-02T05:21:14

Blizzard has just announced a range of exclusive in-game cosmetics Overwatch 2 players can earn during the 2023 Overwatch World Cup, here is how to get them. 

Following Blizzard’s announcements of the fan-favorite Overwatch World Cup coming back for 2023, they have also announced exclusive in-game cosmetics players can earn during the event.

This is in contrast to previous World Cups in which the only cosmetics available to players were team uniforms for each country. 

For this year, all players can earn an exclusive weapon charm. To earn it, all you need to do is log into Overwatch 2 at any time starting from February 7. 

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Picture of the OWWC2023 weapon charmBlizzard

The Overwatch World Cup 2023 Weapon Charm.

On top of that, fans will also be able to help their teams earn custom in-game cosmetics. This is how it all works.

The 36 participating Overwatch World Cup teams will be placed onto a leaderboard. To win, the team will need to place first by February 21. And for the team to climb the leaderboard, players from their individual countries will need to play any game mode in Overwatch. Every single game will earn the team points to progress up the leaderboard. 

Whichever team is on top when all is said and done will earn a custom in-game cosmetic of their design. In a rare instance, Blizzard is indeed letting the winning team help design this custom reward. 

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So for an average player to earn this extremely exclusive in-game cosmetic, they would have to first be living in a country listed on the leaderboard, as countries from the Wild Card challenge cannot participate. 

Then they then have to participate in their country’s open trials in hopes of being part of the team. After joining the trials, they will need to bank on those in their country tplaying enough Overwatch to put them at the top of the leaderboard. Thus, those in bigger nations seemingly have an advantage from the start.