Sims 4 players love the game’s new trans and disability-inclusive cosmetics update

The Sims 4 is getting a little more inclusive, thanks to a patch that adds new medical wearables, scars, and shapewear. Released yesterday, the Sims update (opens in new tab) adds trans-affirming top surgery scars and binders, as well as on-body medical devices like hearing aids and glucose monitors to more accurately and comprehensively reflect the wide, wide world of human experience. It also adds light switches. That’s not esoteric slang you don’t recognise, the patch just adds literal light switches.

The new cosmetics and accessories can all be found in the Create a Sim section. You can find the hearing aids in the face accessories section and glucose monitors under the body category. Top surgery scars can be added to teen and older male sims of any frame via the—you guessed it—body scars section. You can find the new binders and other shapewear in the clothing section, naturally.