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The world observes International Women’s Day today March 8 to celebrate the socio-economic and political achievements of women and to highlight the challenges that lay ahead. To mark the occasion, many brands have curated Women’s Day campaigns, shining the spotlight on some pressing issues that women face today. Here are some of our picks for the day.

Bharat Matrimony

Since Women’s Day coincides with Holi this year, the match-making platform addressed the issue of women’s consent during the festival. The common saying “bura mano, Holi hai” gives many miscreants the excuse to harass women under the pretext of applying colours. This, the brand believes, has led many women to stop participating in the festival. Made in partnership with Wondrlab, the film highlights the need to create safe spaces for women.

Center fresh Mints

The flagship gum and mints brand of Perfetti Van Melle India, Center fresh urges people to refresh their thoughts with #SochKaroFresh campaign. The film highlights age-old gender stereotypes and how women have been breaking them.

The roll-out of the rap song is also supported by the launch of a limited-edition Center fresh mints pack which has been produced end-to-end by women in the manufacturing units of the parent company, Perfetti Van Melle India. The campaign has been curated by Creativeland Asia.

Dalmia Bharat

The definition of the term “homemaker” has undergone a sea change in today’s times. With women balancing work and managing domestic responsibilities, Dalmia Bharat says that it’s high time that we change the definition of the term. The digital campaign by the brand redefines the term “homemaker” in the literal sense as someone who “makes a home.” The aim of the campaign is the lead a change in the way women are perceived in society.


Even the most seasoned women professionals will admit that their “toughest gig” has been motherhood. Actor Neha Dhupia presents a stand-up act in a brand film for electronics brand Philips, talking about her journey as a mother and the many ups and downs related to it.

Senco Gold & Diamonds

The jewellery brand Senco Gold & Diamonds shines the spotlight on the resilience of Indian women, who oftentimes have to work twice as hard as men to overcome restrictions laid down by society. The film ultimately urges women to listen to their own voices and to follow their own hearts.


Women are often exalted as “superwomen” and praised for having the ability “to do anything.” Jewellery brand Tanishq calls out this notion that can sometimes saddle women with the “burden of potential.” By labelling women as superheroes, they are expected to take care of domestic duties and professional commitments with equal finesse, which can de-humanise women and their struggles. The film has been created by Talented and Superfly for the brand.


Viacom18 released a celebratory film, saluting the grit and determination of the female cricketers of the country. “Naam Hoga Tera Har Zubaan Par” features a montage of women playing gully cricket. Often having to battle prejudices and other bureaucratic roadblocks, Indian female athletes fight tooth and nail to fulfil their lifelong dreams to play cricket on a national level. The film is an ode to their fighting spirit.